Local* delivery for full and half cords

1/16 Cord

1/4 Cord

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood


* Local delivery only: West of I-295, between Burlington and Pennsauken

Full Cord

1/2 Cord

1/8 Cord

Kindling Bundles

Grab and Go Bundles of Warmth (approx. 7 logs)

Farm and Garden Center LLC

Temporarily Pickup Only

Whether you are looking to stay warm by the fireplace or roast marshmallows with the family in your backyard fire pit, McCarter-Dallman has the quality firewood for sale that you've been looking for. Our hardwood is split and then seasoned, making it easier to burn and helping to eliminate heavy smoking that wet wood can bring. With a variety of hardwood sizing availability, our Delran Garden Center lets you get the amount of firewood that is just right for your specific needs. Need help getting your firewood home? Ask about our local delivery services for cord and half cord stacks. Visit or contact us for pricing information and to place an order today!

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